Botanica Nahualli
Botanica Nahualli

Novena Candle Burning Ritual

Under the Gemini Full Moon in November of 2018, each candle has been charged with intention and anointed with essentials oils and other ingredients. Use this ritual candle to conjure powerful feminine energy–in times when you need to be diplomatic, confident and victorious. MORE INFO.

Burning Instructions*: 
1. Choose a tabletop to serve as your altar and clear it of any other items you don't plan to use in your candle ritual.

2. Place a cup or bowl of water on the altar.

3. Place a living plant on the altar.

4. Place your "La Doña" candle in the center of the altar. Do not light it yet. 

5. Clear your space by burning sage or incense (I prefer Hechizo Pagano Incense but any will do)

6. Write down your intention on a piece of paper and fold it so that only you know what it reads, then place it underneath the candle.

7. Visualize your intention or simply use what you wrote down and speak it to the candle while keeping a smile and a positive attitude in your heart. Know that your goal will come true. Don't spend more than 5 minutes in this stage.

8. Light the candle.

9. Repeat step 7 once per day until the candle burns through completely.*

10. Take the piece of paper with your intention and bury it inside a plant pot or somewhere in your yard. Forget about the paper, do not dig it up. Mother Earth has your intention now and is working to realize it for you. 


*Always use caution when burning a candle, keep away from pets, children and flammable objects.

Our 5-day novena candles burn for about 120 hours but it really depends on the conditions present during burning.

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