Botanica Nahualli
Botanica Nahualli
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My name is Agustín and I’m a Chicanx graphic designer based in Los Angeles. I am drawn to the histories and cultures of Mexico and California, and the relationship between them. I'm an intuitive Aquarian brujx, I enjoy working with crystals, herbs, colors, the elements, astrology and the moon. I love to venture off the beaten path and cooking indigenous Mexican dishes. Plants hold a very dear place in my heart–as does coffee.

About Us


Brujx Novena Candle Magic

Botanica Nahualli is a spiritual shop that specializes in novena candles and Mexican-American herbal remedies. Our novena candles pay homage to iconic Mexican and Native women–our first candle is inspired by Maria Felix, the biggest Latinx American actress of all time.

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Botanicas are found throughout Latinx communities around the world, people go to botanicas to consult with its healer, called a Curanderx (healer) or to stock up on herbs, magick candles and other metaphysical items.


Nahuatl is the language of the Aztecs (Nahuas); a Nahualli is someone, likely a healer, that shifts into their animal spirit. The Nahuas believe everyone is born with an animal spirit. Nahualli also means “animate.”